Release Announcement Saturday, June 26 2010

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Release Announcement Saturday, June 26 2010

Postby bbaron » Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:43 pm

Dear goVFR community. The site will be down on Saturday, June 26 from 6am to 12am UTC.
We will load a new release, coming with nice new functions.

Many thanks for your continuous support and your feedback. We greatly appreciate every hint to improve and proudly follow your flights in Canada, Guadeloupe or Switzerland.
We invested quite some time in and we are proud to introduce some new features. Please find hereafter an overview on changed and new functionality.
Recommend your flights
So far you could save a flight plan marked either as private or as public. In future, you won’t have this choice anymore while saving, but you can recommend a flight plan. Add pictures and a description and recommend a great flight to others. Recommended flights will be shown on the start page, whereas your other flight plans are only visible to yourself.
Share free seats / flight share
You can offer free seats to others. All visitors of may reserve their seat online. Just publish the number of available seats, add price details and share the cost of a flight with others. Advanced options are available for commercial operators.
Get weather data (to your mobile)
Get weather data such as wind or clouds for your flight. Have the data as an overlay on the map, use wind conditions for your fuel and time calculation and get a METAR/TAF for your destination. In addition to that, receive the latest weather news as an SMS to your mobile phone. You may as well schedule Wind/Temp and METAR/TAF for a desired time - once or recurring.
... and much more
  • Add and manage your own COM frequencies, assign them to a specific way point or coordinate.
  • Add and manage your own way points.
  • Show your personal way points as an overlay over the map.
  • Upload your own Google Earth Overlays (*.kml) such as web cams, mountain huts, etc and use them with the overlay manager for your flight plan.
  • Upload your bio, add photos, manage them in the new picture manager and use them for forum posts or tweets.
  • Calculate the Weight & Balance and have it ready with your flight plan.
We’re looking forward to your experiences with the new version of Let us know how it works – we appreciate your feedback.
Our brand new key chain is certainly a must for every pilot. Leave us your address and we’ll be happy to send you one.

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