suggesstion - calculate min safe Altitude

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suggesstion - calculate min safe Altitude

Postby Lothar1952 » Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:01 pm

first of all I have to admit I´m new to everything, my Iphone, Air Nav Pro and goVFR.

Today I tried to make my first flight plan for a very special photo mission and I´m so happy it worked like a charm.
The saved plan has been transferred to my Iphone I will use as a moving map as our club´s piper isn´t equipped with such thing.

Creating the flight plan, I din´t fill in any altitude and it came calculated at 6000 ft - which is obviously the best economic altitude for the plane.
As I saw there is the surface profile on the route as well, an idea came up - why not have the minimum safe hight within a specified corridor calculated by the program ?
Before the calculation starts, I´ll enter corridor width ( 8, 10 nm or whatever) and the min save hight desired (500 or 1000 ft agl ) and then I´ll get in the flight plan the minimum altitudes required for each leg.
Cream of the top would be an altitude band, taking under consideration the airspace structure I´ll meet on the trip.

And at least a general altitude input for all legs would be nice as well - after looking at the altitude profile, I had to enter the planned en-route altitude of 3000 ft manually to every way point before final calculation.

best regards
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Re: suggesstion - calculate min safe Altitude

Postby marcozo » Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:13 am

Hi Lothar

Many thanks for your suggestions - all of them valuable hints. We'll have a look at it.
- Minimum Safe Hight / Altitude band is in our minds for quite some time - though not that easy to implement. Nonetheless, we have it on our list.
- I agree on the general altitude input. Entering the values on every waypoint is annoying. At least: if you do it right away, all additional waypoints will take over the already entered hight.

Best regards,
Best regards, Marco
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