User Waypoint by Coordinates

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User Waypoint by Coordinates

Postby bbaron » Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:25 am

Open the "Insert Predefined Waypoint" section with a click on the bar.

Insert the latitude and longitude, click "insert".


The waypoint is added to your route.

Click on the "show on map" icon to center the map at the waypoints position.


Input formats:
All coordinates in WGS84 coordinate system scheme.
You may either insert the lat/lon degrees as full decimal numbers, e.g. 123.123456, -123.123456
or in degrees and minutes. Use a simple space/blank as separator between degrees and minutes, e.g. 123 12.1234, -123 12.1234

Input ranges:
N = positive number between 0 and 90 (e.g. 47.123456)
S = negative numbers between -0 and -90 (e.g. -16.18492)
E = positive numbers between 0 and 180 (e.g. 8.123456)
W = negative numbers between -0 and -180 (e.g. -69.08735)
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