Customize COM and NAV frequencies

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Customize COM and NAV frequencies

Postby bbaron » Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:50 pm

By default, the system displays the nearest COM (airports) and NAV (VOR,NDB,DME) points to a checkpoint.
This doesn't make sense all the time or it's easier for you, so you don't have to switch frequencies.

You take off in EHRD (Rotterdam, NED), fly to London Luton (EGGW), heading east to pass Bristol in the north to land in EGFC (Cardiff, UK).

NAV station for the checkpoint north of Bristol is BRI, Radial 027°, frequency 414.000

Nearest NAV station for Cardiff is CDF. For any reason (if it makes sense or not, it's just to demonstrate the functionality) you don't want to switch to CDF but prefer to keep BRI.

Open the list of available NAV stations by clicking on the small blue dot inside the NAV field:

Now the closest 5 NAV stations are listed (plus a blank).

Use drag'n'drop technique to put BRI to the top of the list:

To close the list, click the small blue triangle:
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