Fuel ranges

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Fuel ranges

Postby bbaron » Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:48 pm

The fuel calculations on the planning page give you a rough idea about your range.
It does take the aircraft and the default fuel flow and the distance into account. The reserve is defined as 45 minutes airtime.
It does *not* consider wind speeds and manually adjusted power settings.

Fuel ranges are printed in the header bar:
1) Total route distance
2) Estimated en-route time
3) Visualization bar (green - ok, red - reserve)
4) Fuel remained in tank
5) Distance to hit tank reserve
6) Distance to empty tank

You may also toggle a range meter directly on the map on and off:

The green circle indicates the maximum distance until you hit the reserve.
The red line is the empty fuel boundary.

If no green circle is visible anymore, the aircraft is using the fuel reserve. The red line indicates the zero fuel distance.

When planning a route longer than the maximum range, the circle is filled with red color and grows in size with every additional way point.
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