Change, delete, save flight plans

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Change, delete, save flight plans

Postby bbaron » Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:28 pm

Change a flight plan
It's easy to change a checkpoints position.
Just use drag'n'drop technique to change a checkpoints position.

Click on a marker:

Drag the marker:

Drop the marker on its new position:

Delete a flight plan
Open the flight plan you wish to delete. On the bottom of the left panel bar, you can find the "delete" button as showed below (if you are tzhe owner of the flight plan):
Click once to initiate the deletion Image

Click a second time to confirm your action Image

The flight plan will be deleted and an empty route page is loaded.

Public or private
You may decide if a flight plan should be visible to the public or for your eyes only.
The view status can be changed at any time.

A private route is marked with a small red circle in the "my routes" box on the main page...

... or in the header bar with a red marker left of the route title:

To define/change the view status, use the "save" or "save as" dialogue.

Choose the "private" or "public" option, then click the "save" or "save as" button to submit the request.

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