Alternative Routes

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Alternative Routes

Postby bbaron » Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:48 pm

There's almost no limitation in the way goVFR handles alternative routes:
  • You can plan alternative routes from any way point onward.
  • It's possible to plan more than one alternative route for one flight plan.
  • An alternative can have an undefined number of way points itself

How to plan an alternative route:

Click the arrow symbol that look like an "A" on a way point to activate alternative planning.

A red box on the top left of the map indicates that alternative planning is activated (1)
To turn alternative route planning on and off, click the red button in the way point box (2)

Continue working on the flight plan as you usually do. The way points are added to the alternative route as long as alternative route is active.

Predefined way points are added to the alternate as well as long alternative route is on

If you're done with the alternative route, click the red button to turn off alternative route planning.

To open/close the alternative way points section, repeatedly press the "A" alternative button mentioned at first.

When calculating the route, you get a full flight plan for each route. When planning a flight plan with two different alternatives, you'll get three flight plans. You may switch between flight plans using the tabs on top of the flight plan page.

Good to know:
Wind/Temp forecast, weather chart and terrain graph are calculated for the active route.
This means, the main route, if no red box is signalizing that alternative routes is on.
When alternative route is on, those things are dynamically calculated for active alternative route.

Fuel ranges correspond also to the active route (main or alternative).
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