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Import flight plans

Postby bbaron » Sun Dec 09, 2012 11:55 pm

goVFR let's you import routes and tracks created or recorded with another system.

The widely known *.gpx format and the newer *.fpl formats are supported.

Definition how "track" and "route" is used in this tutorial:
A track: Usually recorded with a gps device or gps capable smart phone. The device stored its position every few meters or seconds. After a short while, there are dozens if not hundreds of way points. Connected together in the right order, they represent the path you went.
A route: Is a (small) collection of way points which define markers to pass.

Open the [Import Flight Plans & GPS Track] section on the left side of the flight planning page (1) and click the [choose file] button (2).

If your file has less than 50 way points, it's interpreted as a route and the way points will appear as a flight plan. If there are already some way points, the way points from the file are appended. This way you could eventually easily add standard approaches or equally to your flight plan.
If the file has more than 50 way points, it's considered to be a track and the track is displayed on the map without adding each way point to the flight plan. Remember: If you save a flight plan with a track on it, the track will be saved, even if there are no route points on the flight plan!

You can download a demo file, used for this recommended demo flight plan: (right click the link and select "save link as" or similar.)

Sample of a route:

Sample of a track:
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