Adjust power setting (fuel flow, airspeed) for each leg

Short introductions of goVFR utilization

Adjust power setting (fuel flow, airspeed) for each leg

Postby bbaron » Mon Dec 10, 2012 4:15 pm

Open an existing or create a new flight plan on the main planning page.
This is the flight plan used in this tutorial.

After inserting at least two way points, a yellow button [terrain map / power setting] is displayed on the left side of the screen.

Click this button and goVFR calculates the terrain graph for the route displayed.

Hint: If "alternative route" is active, the terrain map is calculated and showed for the alternative route.
For more information about alternative routes, please read the corresponding chapter: Alternative Routes

A window is showing up looking something like this:

1) You can drag the window around the screen when the mouse pointer looks like a cross.
2) If you haven't specified an altitude, goVFR estimates an altitude based on the terrain and the semicircular rule.
!!!Attention: The estimated altitude does NOT consider airspace restrictions or obstacles!!!
3) Climbing rate in feet per minute or degrees, based on the assumption, that the increase or decrease is evenly distributed over the leg distance.
4) The fuel flow is taken from the aircraft specification by default. You can override this values leg by leg.
5) Works similar to the fuel flow. The saving of the adjusted value is indicated when the box blinks a few times.

Hint: You can adjust the units for fuel flow and TAS in your account preferences. Goto my cockpit > my account > general preferences and select the unit system of your choice.
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