Version History

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Version History

Postby bbaron » Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:16 am

goVFR version history:

2009-08-01 :: beta release
2009-09-01 :: stable version launched for public access
2009-09-24 :: reverse flight plan button added
2009-09-27 :: minor issues fixed (site navigation)
2009-10-03 :: transfer flight plans to iPhone App PilotWizz
2009-11-08 :: save flight plans as "public" or "private"
:: more common save dialogue box
:: option to delete a flight plan
:: register help tooltips
2009-11-10 :: Twitter API
2009-11-14 :: user comments pictures as overlay

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Major release bringing new functionality

Postby bbaron » Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:22 pm

Weight & balance:
  • Define individual aircraft specs
  • Calculate weight & balance on flight plans
  • Graphical interpretation
  • Works for airplanes and helicopters

  • METAR and TAF reports of the station nearest to the waypoint
  • Sunrise/sunset considerations at origin/destination
  • Worldwide weather forecast
  • New calculate beside TC: True Heading (incl. wind) and Magnetic Heading (incl. magnetic deviation)
  • Weather forecast charts with various options
  • If no flight level specified, weather data is calculated for a presumed altitude, based on a terrain model

  • Directly insert waypoints using coordinates (specify lat/lon)
  • Add an overlay of your personal waypoints to the map
  • Facilitate user comments (add +1 picture to one comment)
  • Share pictures of your aircraft with others
  • Share aero related pictures of yourself with others
  • If you like, share your aero related bio with other pilots
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Major Release 2012

Postby bbaron » Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:49 pm

Dear pilots. Finally the goVFR team publishes a new major release on which we worked hard recently. In the background, the complete code had to be changed to benefit from the full capacity of a new google maps API version. This speeds up your user experience and brings some additional functionality to goVFR.

We are happy to boost the app with some popular demanded functions that make goVFR to an even more complete and definitively the hottest flight planner online.
goVFR is now able to plan alternate routes, lets you switch the units from nautical to metric or imperial or handles *.fpl import and export.

The full list of changes:
New functions
  • Alternate routes
  • Customize unit system for distances, speed and fuel mass
  • Import routes (*.gpx, *.fpl)
  • Display beeline between start- and endpoint
  • Visualization of fuel ranges (reserve, empty, excess)

  • Delete flight plans from cockpit page
  • Pass on altitude to all following waypoints with one click
  • Improved search function
  • Export supports *.fpl file format
  • Import tracks supports *.fpl file format
  • Way point info-window now show leg distances
  • Pilot short links support usernames with dots (i.e.
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Re: Version History

Postby Stefstamm » Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:11 pm

Hello les goVFR Team

Ich bin sehr glücklich das es weiter geht ich hatte schon bedenken!!
Ich finde Eure Art und Weise Flightplans zu machen juste super!!! :D
Weiter so!!
Ein grosses Dankeschön!!

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Re: Version History

Postby marcozo » Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:21 pm

Salu Stef

C'est sympa :-) Danke für Deine Komplimente - wir bleiben dran.

Beste Grüsse

Marco & Philipp
Best regards, Marco
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