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About goVFR
Airtime Matters
It´s not presumptuous to say that goVFR is revolutionizing the way you create a flight plan. It´s long overdue that cutting edge technology opens the door to a brand new user experience. With goVFR, creating a flight plan is a matter of minutes, not to say seconds. When talking flying, we talking airtime.
goVFR can
Check out the goVFR forum for tutorials and a selection of cool features.
goVFR benefits
goVFR can not
goVFR never substitutes the complete and complex process of flight planning, such as weather forecast or local regulations and restrictions, whether they are permanent or temporary.
As of today, goVFR doesn´t provide KOSIF and NOTAM.
create a flight plan Classic flight plan Modern flight plan Browse suggestions
Create flight plan Classic flight plan Modern flight plan Browse suggestions

About goVFR About Us
The goVFR History
This is the comprehensive, thrilling story of Marco and Philipp, taking off to higher spheres in flight planning. One question remains after all: At which flight level does a higher sphere start?
2005Marco and Philipp first meet at work. With time, they share their enthusiasm for KTM motorcycles and appreciate each others talent to "get things work".
2008Both seeking new career opportunities. Philipp sets up mindphuel llc while Marco continues working for another financial institute.
2009/03/30At lunch, Marco is inspired of his new passion, his training for a private pilots license for helicopters.
2009/06/02Marcos need for an easy flight plan solution leads to lunchtime again.
Marcos version: A perfectly prepared project description and tool specification, combined with my sophisticated argumentation convinced Philipp in a second.
Philipps version: Despite a non existing sales pitch, I just love this kind of projects with vague specifications. They are challenging and the sky is the limit. Or even not, in this specific case.
Whatever or wherever the truth lies, after a couple of days and thoughts, they decide to launch goVFR.
2009/07/09With the practical exam, Marco finishes PPL H instructions. And now learns to fly.
2009/08/01After intensive two months of development, goVFR is open for beta testing, starting with a set of approx. 11´000 airports and waypoints around the globe.
Please help this service stay free and contribute within your possibilities!
Specification Brainstorming The sky gets clear Beta Version
Specification Brainstorming The sky gets clear Beta Version

About goVFR goVFR History
About Us
Marco Marco Aboveground is the flying expert of the two guys.
As a paraglider pilot for many years, Marco knows about the third dimension. He was fascinated by helicopters for many years, until he finally had his first trial lesson. After the first touch of cyclic and collective, there was no escape anymore.
Marco is married, lives in Glarnerland and works in finance industry, where he spends his days talking about the integration of business processes into sales desktops.
Philipp Philipp Nerd always tries to stay on ground and in the saddle of his motorcycle.
He shares his passion for motorcycle travels in his book "Horizonte".
Together with his wife, Philipp lives in greater Zurich area (or where he lays down his hat...) and enjoys to act artistically creative within his own company.
Our Gift To You
We strongly believe in the primal understanding of the internet as an open place to meet and share. Once you give, once you take. Our intention to launch the goVFR project was (and still is) to create the coolest flight planning tool on the Earth. And that´s why we don´t take the remarkable development expenses into account. With your help, the usage of goVFR should stay free of charge for everyone.
How You Can Help Us
Running goVFR involves efforts and regular expenses, for domain hosting, maintenance, future development and aeronautical data.
If you use goVFR and like goVFR, we kindly ask you to contribute in one of the following way:

a) Donate. Every amount is welcome.

b) Tell. Tell your friends, the media, recommend us, write it on your bumper...

c) Contribute. Help us keeping the aeronautical database up to date. Please visit the appropriate forum section.

Thank you very much,
Marco & Philipp, aka goVFR