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Our Gift To You
We strongly believe in the primal understanding of the internet as an open place to meet and share. Once you give, once you take. Our intention to launch the goVFR project was (and still is) to create the coolest flight planning tool on the Earth. And that´s why we don´t take the remarkable development expenses into account. With your help, the usage of goVFR should stay free of charge for everyone.
How You Can Help Us
Running goVFR involves efforts and regular expenses, for domain hosting, maintenance, future development and aeronautical data.
If you use goVFR and like goVFR, we kindly ask you to contribute in one of the following way:

a) Every amount is welcome.

b) Tell. Tell your friends, the media, recommend us, write it on your bumper...

c) Contribute. Help us keeping the aeronautical database up to date. Please visit the appropriate forum section.

Thank you very much,
Marco & Philipp, aka goVFR