About goVFR

Airtime Matters

It´s not presumptuous to say that goVFR is revolutionizing the way you create a flight plan. It´s long overdue that cutting edge technology opens the door to a brand new user experience. With goVFR, creating a flight plan is a matter of minutes, not to say seconds. When talking flying, we talking airtime.

goVFR can

  • create navigation flight plans with simple clicks on a map
  • load your flight plans into the goVFR mobile app to navigate when in the air
  • include one of the over 45´000 predefined waypoints
  • modify, save or even share flight plans
  • goVFR lists communication and navigation frequencies along the route
  • save your own set of waypoints
  • calculates a classic flight plan version (small, compact), or...
  • ...a modern flight plan version (driving-direction-like with small maps)
  • use all different map types provided by google (terrain, satellite, street)
  • add/manage aircrafts
  • real time fuel calculation
  • transfer your flight plan to your gps device

goVFR benefits

  • user friendly, intuitive user interface
  • no installation on your computer
  • share your experience with other members
  • get route suggestions by browsing previously saved flight plans
  • creating a reliable flight plan is a matter of minutes
  • mobile apps for Android and Apple, including Apple iWatch

goVFR can not

goVFR never substitutes the complete and complex process of flight planning, such as local regulations and restrictions, whether they are permanent or temporary.
As of today, goVFR doesn´t provide KOSIF and NOTAM.

goVFR History

This is the comprehensive, thrilling story of Marco and Philipp, taking off to higher spheres in flight planning. One question remains after all: At which flight level does a higher sphere start?


Marco and Philipp first meet at work. With time, they share their enthusiasm for KTM motorcycles and appreciate each others talent to "get things work".


Both seeking new career opportunities. Philipp sets up mindphuel llc while Marco continues working for another financial institute.


At lunch, Marco is inspired of his new passion, his training for a private pilots license for helicopters. After intensive two months of development, the first version pf goVFR is open for beta testing, already starting with a set of approx. 11´000 airports and waypoints around the globe.


Thrived by the high demand and much more dev time, a second version sees light that is focusing more on the actual need and wishes of the growing community.


goVFR replaces its engine, get's new wings, reduces wind resistance and polishes the whole body. In plain language, not only is there a responsive design to serve all kind of browsers and devices, we launched a goVFR navigation app, now available in the app stores for Android and Apple devices (alphabetical order).

About Us


Marco Airtimematters is the flying part of the two guys. Aside from flying helicopters, Marco is a paraglider pilot since many years and knows about the third dimension. However, after the first touch of cyclic and collective, there was no escape anymore. He flies helicopters since more than 10 years on both, piston and turbine and holds a CPL and MOU rating.
Marco is married, lives in Switzerland near LSMF with wive and three kids and works in finance industry. There he spends his days talking about Multichannel Management.


The term "vertical" means for Philipp Nerd climbing up rocks and a helicopter is a thing that would potentially rescue him out of a big wall in case of an emergency.
Together with his wife, Philipp lives in Switzerland near LSZH and enjoys to act artistically creative within his own company and somewhat more formal as a BI consultant for the financial industry.